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My passion for the practice of law has existed for a number of years. As a second generation trial lawyer the influence of law has always as existed in my life and over my many years in the profession has continued to grow. While I have worked in various areas related to law one practice area that I have a strong affinity for is defending those who have been charged for a criminal act. In 1998 I was admitted to the bar and began serving as a prosecutor for the DWI task force .

It was here that I was able to cultivate my trial skills and legal ability. I also gained great insight into the process of criminal defense and from working on both sides as the defense and the prosecutor I was able to un derstand the system as a whole. I know the tactics that the prosecuting team will bring and I also know how to prepare for them beforehand. I will not walk into a trial blind but take out many efforts to prepare and defeat any charges brought against you.


My passion for my work and my clients has grown into a dedication to represent those that are facing convictions as effectively as possible. Through my vast legal knowledge I strive to present a compelling case that has their charges either reduced or completely dropped. My skill has been widely recognized and even led to me being included in the Texas Super Lawyers Magazine list of Rising Stars.

As a member of the bar association I mentor other attorneys, helping them gain a more comprehensive grasp on the legal system. When it comes to dealing with the law, as a Dallas criminal defense lawyer, I bring a no-nonsense attitude, telling it straight to my clients about what they will be dealing with in regards to their charges and what it will take to efficiently fight a conviction. I do not provide false hope; I provide tough defense and quality representation.


For more than 13 years I have been practicing law; successfully defending my clients against charges of misdemeanors to felonies. If you have been charged I offer a free initial consultation so that you are able to learn why you should hire my legal services. There are many attorneys out there but not all of them are as capable at handling your case with the same level of quality and skill that I provide. Why should you hire an attorney in your case? Without the knowledge and skillset of a professional who has defended clients before, you leave yourself less equipped to defend against charges.

With an attorney on your side you retain years of legal experience and a strong working knowledge of the specific laws that apply to your case. My years in and out of the courtroom are a great benefit to all of my clients seeking to guard themselves from jail time, fines and more. I know what your rights are and when law enforcement tries to take advantage of them I will fight for you.

The faster you retain my services the better. Having me there from the initial questioning can prevent you from saying anything incriminating. Police may try to back you into a corner, admitting something that can be used against you. I will defend you from start to finish. My tough, aggressive stance has proven effective time and time again. If you are looking to avoid a conviction it is imperative that you do not go at this alone.

Contact our DFW criminal attorney from my firm for a high quality legal representation.

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